#5 - Comparison of Two Mathematical Models for Nonlinear Residential Loads
#6 Optimal Schedule of Dispatchable DG in Electrical Distribution Systems with Extended Dynamic Programming
#7 Increasing the PV Hosting Capacity with OLTC Technology and PV VAr Absortion in a MV/LV Rural Brazilian Distribution System
#8 Voltage Stability Improvement to Power Systems with Energy Storage Systems
#9 Influence of Harmonic Distortion in Current Transformer
#10 Instrument Voltage Transformer Time-Response to Fast Impulse
#11 An Evaluation of Shunt Active Filtering Techniques in the Era of Smart Grids
#13 Hosting capacity of a university electrical grid considering the inclusion of wind-turbines for different background distortions
#15 Space-vector Approach in Three-phase Unbalance and Distortion Analysis
#18 Probabilistic Approach to Voltage Sag Indices
#20 Tool for power quality assessment of motor fed by variable speed electric drivers
#21 Analysis and Tests of Power Quality in Aviation Environment
#22 Optimized Power Quality Monitor Placement Based on a Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
#23 A Control Strategy of Grid-connected Photovoltaic Inverter under Unbalanced Voltage Conditions
#25 ANN Scheme for Remote Monitoring of Short and Long Voltage Variations in a Distribution System
#26 Winding turns calculus methodology for a new 48 pulse multiconverter system employing lower cost three winding special transformers
#28 Matrix Analysis of Power in 3-Phase System
#29 Assessing Maximum DG Penetration levels in a Real Distribution Feeder by using OpenDSS
#30 Harmonic Resonance in Electrical Networks with Photovoltaic Distributed Generation
#31 Analysis of Power Quality for Photovoltaic Systems
#32 Analysis of Reactive Power Flow in the Lighting System of a Consumer Unit
#33 Power Efficiency and Power Quality in Residential Lighting System
#35 Connection of a Series Hybrid Filter in Isolated Microgrid for Harmonic Compensation
#36 A Review of Solutions for Harmonic Mitigation
#37 Active Harmonic Filters: control techniques review
#38 Fault Location in Distribution Network with Inverter-Interfaced Distributed Energy Resources in Limiting Current
#39 Signal-Tuned Gabor Approach for Power Disturbance Classification
#40 Planning of Microgrid considering Power Quality Constraints
#41 Flicker and Driver Topology Assessment of Extra Low Voltage LED Lamps Under DC Supply
#42 Developments in Voltage Dip Research and Its Applications, 2005-2015
#43 Reduced-Order Extended Harmonic Domain Modeling of Switched Networks
#44 Computation of Stationary State of Grid-Tied Photovoltaic Systems via Harmonic Domain
#45 Interharmonic Detection and Identification based on Higher-Order Statistics
#46 Analysis of Current Distortion in a 12 kW Photovoltaic System Installation
#47 Comparative Study of the Harmonic Impact of Different Plug-in Electric Vehicles and Charging Stations – A Brazilian Case Study
#48 Additional Information From Voltage Dips
#49 Challenges in the Calculation methods of Point-on-Wave Characteristics for Voltage Dips
#50 Research of Harmonic Distortion Power for Harmonic Source Detection
#51 Impact of Non-Linear Loads and Renewable Generation on a University Research Building
#52 A Low Complexity Power Quality Disturbance Detection System
#53 A Real Time Implementation of an Harmonic Impedance Estimator
#54 Limitations in the use of the IEC standard method for detection and analysis of rapid voltage changes in power system networks
#58 Assessing the Severity of Voltage Sags Due to Short Circuits in Transmission and Distribution Grids
#60 An Investigation of the Harmonic Currents Behavior Due to the Fluorescent Lighting
#61 Comparative Analysis of Segmentation Methods, Including Adaptive and HOS Based Algorithms
#62 Statistical Analysis and Modeling of Repair Data from a Brazilian Power Distribution System
#63 Power Electronics in the Context of Renewables, Power Quality and Smart Grids
#64 A Gapless Waveform Recorder for Monitoring Smart Grids
#65 Small-Signal Modeling of a Single-Phase DVR
#66 Multidimensional Monitoring for Power Quality Disturbance Detection
#67 Single Phase Dynamic Voltage Conditioner Control under Load Variation
#68 Complex Blind Source Separation Based Harmonic Contribution Assessment
#69 Reactive Compensation for AC Electric Arc Furnace Considering Power Quality Constraints
#70 Harmonic Analysis of Static var Compensator Operating Under Distorted Voltages
#71 Attenuation Effect with Nonlinear Loads for Small Stand-Alone Grids
#72 A PMU-based Distribution System Harmonic State Estimation using Parallel Processing
#73 Coordinated Control of Distributed Generators in Meshed Low-Voltage Microgrids: Power Flow Control and Voltage Regulation
#74 Proposal of a Power Factor Correction Methodology in a Nonlinear Load Scenario
#75 The Optimal Selection of Investment Scheme for Premium Power Considering Customer Perception of Utility
#77 Optimization of passive filtering systems used for mitigating harmonics in distribution networks
#78 Optimum Allocation of Power Quality Monitors in Electric Power Systems – A Case Study
#80 Failure Rate Prediction Under Adverse Weather Conditions in a Electric Distribution System Using Negative Binomial Regression
#81 Analysis of the Influence of the Window Used in the Short-Time Fourier Transform for High Impedance Fault Detection
#82 Impact of Load Modeling on the Harmonic Impedance seen from the Transmission Network
#83 The Influence of Electronic Loads Switching in the Reactive Flow of a Bus bar
#84 Utilization of Harmonics Current in Single Phase System
#85 ICA-based Method for Power Quality Disturbance Detection
#86 Different Fault Types and Voltage Dips in relation to Shielding of Subtransmission Lines
#87 Intermodulation due to interaction of photovoltaic inverter and electric vehicle at supraharmonic range
#88 Assessment of Voltage Instrument Transformers Accuracy for Harmonic Measurements in Transmission Systems
#89 Comparative Evaluation of Noncharacteristic Harmonic Generation by DC Transmission Systems with CSC-LCC and CSC-CCC Layouts under Assymetrical Operation Conditions
#90 Power Quality in the Future Grid – Results from CIGRE/CIRED JWG C4.24
#91 A Novel Fault Classification Method Using Wavelet Transform and Artificial Neural Networks
#92 Mitigation of Harmonic Current Produced by Wind Turbine Throughout Converter Switching Control
#93 A New Emission Limit Allocation Procedure for Fluctuating Installations in Power Systems
#95 Interaction between Grid-Connected PV systems and LED Lamps: Directions for Further Research on Harmonics and Supraharmonics
#96 Prediction of Total Harmonic Distortion Based on Harmonic Modeling of Nonlinear Loads Using Measured Data for Parameter Estimation
#97 Assessment of Harmonic Distortion in Small Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems
#98 High Frequency Harmonic Distortions Measured in a Brazilian Solar Farm
#99 Determination of the parameters of voltage variation with voltage fluctuation indices
#100 Methods of representing the results of voltage fluctuation indices measurements
#101 Performance Analysis of the Current Summation Law in Wind Generation
#104 Comparative Analisys of Regulatory Procedures for classifiying Short-Duration Voltage Variations
#105 Frequency response of revenue meters in measured active energy
#106 Harmonic Extraction based on Independent Component Analysis and Quadrature Matched Filters
#107 Switching Instant Variation Correction and Control for the Harmonic State Space Model of a Closed-Loop Balanced Thyristor Controlled Series Compensator
#108 Multitrafo-App: Web App for Project of 18-Pulses Rectifiers with Differential Transformer Connections
#109 Comparing NSGA-II and SPEA2 metaheuristics in solving the problem of optimal capacitor banks placement and sizing in distribution grids considering harmonic distortion restrictions
#110 Mitigation of harmonic distortion with passive filter
#111 A Voltage Regulation Strategy through the Control of Reactive Power on Wind Farms
#112 Voltage Profile Modification in Harmonically Affected power Networks
#113 Survey of Harmonic Current Unbalance in Public Low Voltage Networks
#114 Active / Passive Harmonic Filters: Applications, Challenges & Trends
#115 Power Quality Waveform Recognition Using Google Image Search Engine (iPQ-Google)
#116 Harmonic Mitigation in Wind Power Plants: active filter solutions
#117 Hybrid Filter for Dynamic Harmonics Filtering and Reduction of Commutation Notches – A Case Study
#118 Analysis Of Electromagnetic Transients In Reactive Compensators Type MSCDN - Mechanically Switched Capacitor With Damping Network
#119 Effects of Interruptions in a RBS: Evaluation of Quality Indicators and the Study of Mobile Telephony Revenue Variation in an Operator
#120 Assessment of Power Quality Performance in Distribution Networks - Part I: Measurement Campaign and Initial Analysis
#121 Assessment of Power Quality Performance in Distribution Networks - Part II: Performance Indices and ranking of network busses
#122 Supraharmonic Bands detection for low voltage devices
#123 Bio-inspired Metaheuristics Applied to Volt/VAr Control Optimization Problem in Smart Grid Context
#124 Study of Financial Losses due to Harmonic Distortion in a Telephone Switching Office
#125 Application of an alternative methodology for evaluating power quality monitors
#126 Load Transients Assessment
#127 Analysis of the Influence of Non-Linear Loads on the Measurement and Billing of Electrical Energy Compared with the CPT
#128 Primary and Secondary Harmonics Emission Harmonic Interaction – a Set of Definitions
#129 Estimating Power Factor of Induction Motors Using Regression Technique
#131 System for Metrological Assessment of PMUs Under Voltage Sags
#133 Impact of Assessment Period on Voltage THD Measurements
#134 Application of the Method of Disturbances Interaction for Assessing Origin of Stationary Power Quality Disturbances
#135 Analysis of the Statcom use to Mitigate the Effects of Voltage Sags on the Wind Farms Operation. A Study Case
#136 Substation-based Self-healing System with Advanced Features for Control and Monitoring of Distribution Systems
#137 Effects of Power Quality Limits on LV-Network Design
#138 Benchmarking of Power Quality Performance in Transmission Systems – CIGRE WG C4.27 Perspective
#139 A MATLAB Tool to Study Harmonics Penetration in Grid Unbalanced Conditions
#140 Use of Computational Systems for Analysis and Comparison of Voltage Sags and Harmonics in a HVDC System
#141 Algorithm for decentralized Volt/VAr Control in Distribution Networks
#142 Impact of Electricity Theft on Power Quality
#143 Comparative Analysis of Instruments Measuring Time-Varying Harmonics
#144 A Laboratory infrastructure to support utilities in attaining Power Quality and Smart Grid goals
#145 A Critical Analysis of the Harmonic Distortion Procedure Applied to Wind Farm Connection
#146 Effects of Voltage Unbalance and Harmonic Distortion on the Torque and Efficiency of a Three-Phase Induction Motor
#147 Physical Interpretation of Electric Energy Flow under Sinusoidal and Non-sinusoidal Conditions
#148 A Control Strategy of a Hybrid Active Filter for Operation with Harmonically Unbalanced Voltages and Currents
#149 Stochastic Assessment of Voltage Unbalance due to Single-Phase-Connected Solar Power
#151 A New Centralized Active and Reactive Power Control Strategy for Voltage Regulation in Power Distribution Networks with High Penetration of Photovoltaic Generation
#152 Summation Rule for Wind Turbines’ Harmonics Challenged by Measurements
#153 On the Interharmonic Emission of PV Inverters Under Different Operating Conditions
#154 Problems with in-service (on-line) power transformer parameters determination - case study
#155 Power Quality of LED Lamps
#156 Overview of methods for voltage sag performance estimation
#157 Power Measurements under IEEE 1459-2010 Standard on a Microgrid with Renewable Sources
#160 Optimal Capacitor Banks Placement in Distribution Grids Using NSGA II and Harmonic Resonance Chart
#161 Particle Swarm Optimization Applied to Reactive Power Compensation
#162 Development of a Low Frequency Magnetic Field and Harmonic Current Meter
#163 Harmonic Interaction of Electric Vehicle Chargers in a Central Charging Infrastructure
#164 Low-Voltage Ride-Through of PM Synchronous Wind Generator Under Asymmetrical Voltage Sags With Constant Power
#165 Diagnosis of Induction Motors Operating Under Distorted and Unbalanced Voltages
#166 A Combined MV and LV Network Voltage Regulation Strategy for the Reduction of Voltage Unbalance
#167 Fault Location, Isolation and Service Restoration (FLISR) Functionalities Tests in a Smart Grids Laboratory for Evaluation of the Quality of Service
#168 Determining the Harmonic Hosting Capacity of PV Sources for a University Campus
#169 Impact of Integrating a Photovoltaic Power Plant in a Distribution Feeder
#170 Measurement of the Harmonic Impedance of the Aggregated Distribution Network
#171 High Power Quality Three Phase VSI with LCL Filter for Distributed Generation in Microgrid Applications
#172 Study of the Distributed Generation Impact on Distributed Networks, Focused on Quality of Power
#174 Microcontroller Implementation for Monitoring Time-Varying Harmonics from Non-Linear Loads
#178 Single-phase Synchronverter for Residential PV Power Systems
#179 New Publicly Accessible Online Power Quality Monitoring Databases
#182 High Performance Power Quality Monitoring System
#183 Implementation of a Laboratory-based Low Cost AC Chopper Soft-Starter
#184 Survey on International Practice of Calculating Harmonic Current Emission Limits
#186 Harmonic Assessment of a Brazilian Wind Farm Regarding Reactive Power Requirements
#187 Prototype Design, Implementation and Validation of a Harmonics Measurement System for Wind Generators
#188 The role of photovoltaic generators in low voltage residential voltage regulation: A comparison between standards
#189 Pattern Recognition Method for Identifying Smart Grid Power Quality Disturbance
#190 Behavior of losses in three-phase induction motors under unbalanced voltages
#191 A Bidirectional Single-Phase Hybrid Rectifier Proposal for Sinusoidal Input Current Imposition, DC Bus Voltage Regulation and Active Power Injection onto the AC Grid
#192 Allocation of Power Quality Monitors by Clonal Algorithm
#193 Application of Reactive Compensation equipment in industrial systems under aspects of harmonics and switching transients: A study of real cases
#194 Harmonic Emission of PV Inverters Under Different Voltage Supply Conditions and Operating Powers
#195 A Low Cost Power Quality Meter over the Internet
#196 Evaluation of the Effect of the Zero and Negative Sequence Components on the Current and Temperature of a Three Phase Induction Motor
#197 Harmonic Characterization of the Output Voltage in Multilevel Converters
#198 Harmonic Distortion Assessment using State Estimation Algorithm
#199 Computerized System for Detection of High Impedance Faults in MV Overhead Distribution Lines
#201 A Comparison between Circuit-Based and Harmonic-Current-Source Models for Compact Fluorescent Lamps
#202 Nonintrusive Power Estimation of Residential Appliances under Voltage Variation
#203 Impact of reactive-power optimization on voltages in a power system
#204 The Impact of Non-Sinusoidal Voltages on the Harmonic Generation of Power Electronics Converters
#205 Real-time system for automatic classification of power quality disturbances
#206 Flicker propagation in power systems supplying wind farms
#207 Flicker monitoring campaign in EAF facilities equipped with STATCOM
#209 Project of a Power Filter in the Configuration Shunt Series to Mitigate the Harmonics in a TPP
#210 Fault Detection HVDC Systems Applied to Renewable Sources

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