ICHQP Background

In 1984, the 1st ICHPS (International Conference on Harmonics in Power Systems), the forerunner to ICHQP (International Conference on Harmonics and Quality of Power) was held in Worcester, Massachusetts. 62 authors attended this conference presenting 42 papers.
Over the years the conference has grown and the number of papers presented has tripled. The scope of the conference has also been widened to encompass all areas of power quality.
Despite heavy growth, over the years character of the conference has remained the same: basically academic with high technical standards with some practical/industrial emphasis. Papers are generally at the cutting edge of theoretical development.

The full list of venues for the conference is shown below:

1st ICHQP 1984 Worcester, MA USA; 
2nd ICHQP 1986 Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada;
3rd ICHQP 1988 Nashville, IN USA;
4th ICHQP 1990 Budapest, Hungary; 
5th ICHQP 1992 Atlanta, USA; 
6th ICHQP 1994 Bologna, Italy; 
7th ICHQP 1996 Las Vegas, NV USA;
8th ICHQP 1998 Athens, Greece; 
9th ICHQP 2000 Orlando, FL USA; 
10th ICHQP 2002 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; 
11th ICHQP 2004 Lake Placid, NY USA; 
12th ICHQP 2006 Cascais, Portugal; 
13th ICHQP 2008 Wollongong, Australia; 
14th ICHQP 2010 Bergamo, Italy;
15th ICHQP 2012 Hong Kong, HK; 
16th ICHQP 2014 Bucharest, Romania.

17th ICHQP 2016 Belo Horizonte, Brazil 

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