Scope & Themes

The International Conference on Harmonics and Quality of Power - ICHQP (formerly International Conference on Harmonics in Power Systems - ICHPS), is a well established IEEE technical conference that is held biennially by rotation in and outside the United States. The ICHQP has been successfully taking place since 1984. The Conference is one of the premier international conferences in the field and aims to provide a forum for electrical engineers and scientists in universities and research centres, utilities and industry to present their work and share information in the area of harmonics and power quality. The conference covers all aspects of harmonics and power quality including the following topics:

  • Analysis and Modelling (Networks, Devices, Loads etc).
  • Measuring and Monitoring Techniques.
  • Sources of Disturbances (Converters, Traction Systems, Network Harmonics etc).
  • Power Conditioning (active and Passive Filters, VAr Compensation, UPS, Surge Protection Devices, Phase Balancing etc).
  • Standards and Recommended Practices.
  • Diagnostic Systems and Expert Systems Applications.
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).
  • Power Quality in Distribution Systems.
  • Impact of Distributed Generation on Power Quality.
  • Quality Aspects of Industrial, Commercial and Residential Consumers.
  • Grounding Systems.
  • Power Definitions and Measurements under Nonsinusoidal and Unbalanced Conditions.
  • Power Quality, Economics and Liability.
  • Power Quality in a Deregulated Electricity Market.
  • Smart Grids for Power Quality.

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