Inside Belo Horizonte

Complexo Lagoa da Pampulha

Designed by Oscar Niemeyer and inaugurated in the 40s, the Lagoa da Pampulha is one of the most beautiful sights of the capital. The place is part of the architectural complex along with the Igreja São Francisco de Assis, the Museu de Arte, the Casa do Baile and the Iate Tennis Club. The edge of the pond offers a large leisure structure such as the Zoológico de Belo Horizonte, the Ginásio do Mineirinho, the Estágio Governador Magalhães Pinto, the Mineirão, the Centro de Preparação Equestre da Lagoa and tracks for biking and hiking. The pond of Pampulha is also the scene of major festivals and sporting events like the Volta International da Pampulha.

Address: Av. Otacílio Negrão de Lima, - Pampulha
Region: Pampulha

Igreja da Boa Viagem

The history of the church dates back to the time when Belo Horizonte was still known as Arraial São João Del Rey At that time, the church of the Boa Viagem occupied a chapel made of pau-a-pique. Since then, much has changed. The city gained new dimensions and the church became a great temple. Today, the cathedral attracts attention of residents, visitors and tourists for the beauty and grandeur. With neogothic style, the house charms by the stained glass windows and altar worked in Mármore de Carrara.

The church was built in honor of Nossa Senhora da Boa Viagem, patroness of the city, which is celebrated every August 15.

Address: Rua Sergipe, 175 - Funcionários
Phone: (31) 3222-2361
Region: Savassi / Lourdes


Traditionally called Estádio Governor Magalhães Pinto, the Mineirão was inaugurated in 1965. Known worldwide, the stadium is among the largest in the world. Part of the history of this city, the place has a capacity of about 80 thousand spectators. Currently closed for renovations in preparation for the 2014 World Cup, the Mineirão is scheduled to be reopened in 2013. It is expected that after the works, the house reduces its capacity to 69 thousand people.

Address: Avenida Abrahão Caram, 1001 - Pampulha
Phone: (31) 3499-1254
Region: Pampulha


Postcard known in Belo Horizonte, the Mineirinho works since 1980. Traditionally called Estádio Jornalista Felipe Drummond, the Mineirinho has the capacity for 25 thousand people. Although it is aimed at strengthening the specialized sport, the house also hosts cultural events, conventions, lectures and parties. This applies, for exemple,for large concerts and, the already known, feira do Mineirinho - which happens every Thursday and Sunday. Neighbor of the Lagoa da Pampulha, the stage is framed by one of the most famous postcards of the city.

Address: Avenida Antônio Abraão Caram, 1001
Phone: (31) 3499-1100
Region: Pampulha

Museu de Arte da Pampulha

Part of the architectural complex of the Pampulha, the building where today stands the museum, was designed between 1942 and 1944 by Oscar Niemeyer. Before, it came to work as a casino, but with the banning of games in the country, it was closed in 1946.Only 11 years later the museum took place in the previously known "Palácio de Cristal". Framed by gardens of Burle Marx, the museum is one of the most famous postcards of the city.The collection of the MAP features, currently, with 1600 works of art. The structure of the house consists of noble hall, mezzanine, auditorium, multimedia classrooms, library, café / bar and souvenir shop.

Address: Av. Otacílio Negrão de Lima, 16.585
Phone: (31) 3277-7946
Region: Pampulha
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 9h/19h

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